"As the guest I had a great time.  Greatly due to the talents of Chef Monalisa and her ability to not only make yummy beautiful dishes but also her delightful personality.  I was amazed when I was told that Chef Monalisa was in training. I would have never known.  The presentation was great and it all flowed beautifully.   By evenings end I also felt I had a new friend."
Karen T., San Jose
"As the hostess it is easy to sum up.  This was a very important time for my family and friends and the guest list was a mix of teens and adults. I had decided last minute that I needed Chef Monalisa and wondered if she could react fast enough. Oh my she did! My potentially stressful day became a joy. I missed none of it. That is huge and often I think we don't realize the value in that alone. Thank you, Chef Monalisa!"
Karen T.
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Chef Monalisa,
Thank you! The table looked really lovely! Beyond that the cakes were delicious! Everyone commented on them.
 My sister was able to taste three of the cakes. She said they were all very good. We brought home some of the carrot cake and it was delicious. Thank you very much for your fine effort and for contributing your talent to my daughter's special wedding day.
Liz P. Santa Clara
"Thanks Chef Monalisa,
I came home and couldn't help but dig into every single meal (buffet style), and, pretty much died at how great everthing tasted. I especially loved the "Chef Mo" Curry Chicken Salad, the cauliflower (wow!), the Bayou Chicken and, of course my favorite, PF Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wrap Salad."
Marjorie G. San Jose

Chef, you are saving my sanity you know this is a dream come true to not have to worry about dinner during the week.
By the way, this week's menu was excellent again. The pulled pork and salad were great

Have a good weekend.
Evett K.
...I've worked here for 8 years and today's lunch, Blueberry Chicken was the best ever..."
Steve, SCC Employee
July 3, 2014
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